House-Breaking Your New Ferret

Ferrets can be great pets. But they can create a lot of mess if they are not house-broken properly. Therefore, one must train a pet ferret to use a litter box to relieve itself, just like a cat.

Before your pet ferret has been house-broken, make sure that you do not let it run around the house for the fear of dirtying the house. A ferret can be made to use a litter box almost 75% of the times, but for this your training will have to be strict. Also, you will need to show a lot of perseverance in this case. In any case, do not be surprised if you find a little mess in some corner of your house, even after your ferret has been house-broken. How obedient a ferret is in this case will depend upon how well and for how long you train it.

The key to house-breaking a ferret is patience. One needs to give the ferret immense amount of time to understand that it relieving one’s self in any part of the house is wrong, and that the only place he can relieve itself is the litter box. But there is no standard time frame in which a ferret can be house-broken. The training period can extend from some weeks to even some months.

One of the effective ways to get a ferret to start using the litter box is to allow it to run around a small room, may be the bathroom before it relieves itself. Another important aspect of house-breaking a ferret is to learn when a ferret needs to use the litter box. Like every other animal, ferrets will need to relieve themselves shortly after they wake up from a nap or after they have had a meal. Therefore, you will do well to take a precautionary step and put the ferret inside its litter box just after these two activities.

You may have to be a bit stern and firm with your pet. Do not let the ferret out of the litter box before it is done with its chores. While training a ferret, giving the ferret a treat just as soon as his business in the litter box is done, is a good way house-breaking the pet.

While the ferret is being house-broken, or even after that, there may be a few incidents where it may not have used the litter box. Do not punish the animal in such a case. Physically punishing the ferret will instill your fear in his heart, and it may drive the animal away from you emotionally, rather than drawing the two of you closer.