House-Breaking Your New Ferret

Ferrets can be great pets. But they can create a lot of mess if they are not house-broken properly. Therefore, one must train a pet ferret to use a litter box to relieve itself, just like a cat.

Before your pet ferret has been house-broken, make sure that you do not let it run around the house for the fear of dirtying the house. A ferret can be made to use a litter box almost 75% of the times, but for this your training will have to be strict. Also, you will need to show a lot of perseverance in this case. In any case, do not be surprised if you find a little mess in some corner of your house, even after your ferret has been house-broken. How obedient a ferret is in this case will depend upon how well and for how long you train it.

The key to house-breaking a ferret is patience. One needs to give the ferret immense amount of time to understand that it relieving one’s self in any part of the house is wrong, and that the only place he can relieve itself is the litter box. But there is no standard time frame in which a ferret can be house-broken. The training period can extend from some weeks to even some months.

One of the effective ways to get a ferret to start using the litter box is to allow it to run around a small room, may be the bathroom before it relieves itself. Another important aspect of house-breaking a ferret is to learn when a ferret needs to use the litter box. Like every other animal, ferrets will need to relieve themselves shortly after they wake up from a nap or after they have had a meal. Therefore, you will do well to take a precautionary step and put the ferret inside its litter box just after these two activities.

You may have to be a bit stern and firm with your pet. Do not let the ferret out of the litter box before it is done with its chores. While training a ferret, giving the ferret a treat just as soon as his business in the litter box is done, is a good way house-breaking the pet.

While the ferret is being house-broken, or even after that, there may be a few incidents where it may not have used the litter box. Do not punish the animal in such a case. Physically punishing the ferret will instill your fear in his heart, and it may drive the animal away from you emotionally, rather than drawing the two of you closer.

Webkinz Takes the World by Storm – A Webkinz Virtual Playground for Your Kids

Webkinz is the latest online craze for kids. As a father of two young children, I know my way around this fascinating new virtual world, and it is very impressive. In fact, I’m also the proud owner of a virtual Webkinz gorilla named, quite unoriginally, Kong.

The world of Webkinz has been designed for users aged 6-13+ (or, well, almost 40) and includes content for all ages and levels of computer skill within that range. The general idea is you adopt a pet, which has a real world stuffed animal companion, and introduce him or her to the Webkinz online world. You start out with one simple room, a couple of toys, and some Webkinz dollars. Then, and often, you find new and exciting ways to collect, earn, or win more dollars to upgrade your Webkinz space.

You can expand your Webkinz world with new rooms, yards, furniture, clothing, food, and toys. You can arrange the rooms how you like, move furniture, and make real changes to the environment your Webkinz lives in. Kong has a pirate ship room, but I’d rather not admit how much fun it was collecting all the pirate themed pieces. My kids have fantastic Webkinz environments; with ice rooms and fully stalked kitchens, backyards with slides and pools the animals can play on, and a host of funky clothing and accessories. They play safe and they love the games, even the ones that may be subtlety teaching them something.

The Webkinz world was clearly designed to reach the widest possible audience within its suggested age range. Although some of the Webkinz games and jobs (yes, your Webkinz can have a job to earn Webkinz dollars) may be difficult for younger users, there are plenty of opportunities and games for younger audiences to enjoy the site on their own orwith the support of an adult. Younger users can also enjoy all of the non-game methods of making Webkinz dollars, including the Wheel of WOW, Wishing Well and the Care Award. There is even a special 5-6 year old question section in Quizzy’s Question Corner, which includes over 1000 age appropriate, curriculum-based questions that make Webkinz dollars faster than any of the games.

Is Webkinz World safe? Yes. The Internet can be an unsafe place, and this is why as a parent I really appreciate efforts like Webkinz. The Webkinz world includes what is in my opinion the safest possible chat system available for kids. Webkinz chat is constructed so users can’t type in whatever they want. Nothing inappropriate can be said, and there is no way to exchange any personal information. Only people you know will have your username, which is needed in order to add someone to your Friends list. Finally, you can always decline another’s offer to join their Friends list, or delete them at any time.

In my personal experience, Webkinz World is a great place to learn and play. Children can learn lots of fun facts at Quizzy’s. The questions at Quizzy’s are age-appropriate, and most are educationally based. There are also several arcade games that promote learning, such as: Booger Gets an A that promotes addition skills, Lunch Letters that helps children to learn how to type and spell, Quizzy’s Word Challenge that aids in spelling, and Operation Gumball that encourages children to think logically. Also, Webkinz Newz and the W Tales encourage reading and the many contests encourage writing, creativity, and problem-solving. What else? My kids are learning about money in Webkinz World; by earning KinzCash, they learn how to save and spend money. My oldest child recently saved up for a new swimming pool that she added to a backyard space in her virtual world. Now her Webkinz can virtually go for a swim. Webkinz World also helps to teach children about responsibility, caring for a pet, and getting along with others. Best of all, no Webkinz pets can die. Webkinz pets can get sick, but they cannot die. Have fun.

Greetings From Misfit Island

I didn’t name this place; my family did before I ever set foot in the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas. Most of the residents are hoofed and living out their days in peace. A few, including me, are here to heal.

This property consists of just under 30 acres about 15 miles outside of Nacogdoches, the “Oldest Town in Texas.” There is funny little horse called Pedro that keeps getting my attention. I’ve told him everything. He wanders around and follows me whenever he can.

Last night, Pedro patted me down for carrots and we saw a shooting star together. I prayed for God to give me strength to watch my mother’s life come to a close. As I started crying, Pedro wiped his nose on my head. It was perfect.

The sporks are cross breeds between miniature horses and donkeys I think. There are a pair of them and they are the first hoofed animals that I have ever seen wrestle. They bray-night and day-and are considered ‘lawn ornaments that eat.’

One is an older horse who I’ve been told was once a champion that won dozens of buckles in his day as a barrel racer. Another is half-blind and I am careful to come up on her sighted side when I feed so I don’t startle her. She is a very gentle animal and loves to have her neck stroked.

There are loads of antique stores in the downtown area and many estate sales out in this secluded pocket of Texas (3 hours from major airport). Sometimes in these small towns there are rare pieces of the glass I’ve collected for years called Heisey.

Small town amusements are fun. In a town of close to 33,000, I’ve seen one movie theater, a bowling alley and one honky tonk down by the railroad. Unlike California, the are churches on every corner instead of coffee shops and even the coffee shop is lovingly named “Thumpers” as in Bible.

I was surprised to see both sushi bars and stands in the grocery store. The employees came from the East to the Wild West directly. There only reference is Deep East Texas. All I could imagine was Asian accents saying ‘y’all,’ ‘fixin,’ and ‘Bless you heart, sweetie.’

Real estate is run by a few houses. LaDonna Simpson has my heart. Poole has the best visual image. Their ads are clean and signage is very classy. Badder’s Law Firm makes you wish you had a legal question just to see the inside of that beautifully restored home. I’m hoping that there are open houses on some of the historic properties at some point like they do in California as fundraisers.

Rental rates posted at $400-$700 for decent-looking apartments along with houses starting in the 50s. Of course, the prices also elevate to over a million for an estate on a large piece of land. Condos are basically unheard of here except as senior or student housing. The concept of buying an apartment doesn’t make sense to country people when you can own even a small piece of earth.

Horses and cows are everywhere as well as donkeys and wild deer and large, roaming pigs. The sporks also keep coyotes and poisonous snakes away. They will kill them in fact. I tried to get my mother’s miniature donkey, Pedro, to chase away a chicken snake but he just stepped over it and gave me a glance that said he wasn’t interested in my fun.

So goes life here in the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas. Stay tuned for ‘tales of tails’ from Misfit Island. Our small rescue is growing every day and Mom appears to be coming back to life.