Different Chinchilla Names

Calling different names for chinchillas can be fun and overwhelming. Some may find it hard and difficult but most people find it interesting yet challenging as well. You can think a number of names as you want to but what better names can you call them?

Some people have names ready for their chinchillas before they pick them up. Others named them after some inherent qualities that pet lovers saw when they brought them. It is just so amazing that pet owners can readily give names that seem to best describe these tiny exotic creatures.

Physical looks can be a good name base for chinchillas. Some people like to name their pets based on how they look like. Most common names are Salt, Pepper and Sugar that are associated with the color of their furs. Fluffy and Specky are good names too, when small and skinny Whimpy is appropriate to name it while Hefty for those plump chinchillas. There are some others named after large ears and you can call them Sonar. Indeed it is a wonderful name tagging activity with your pet chinchillas!

Chinchillas can be named after how they act and move. They can be very active climbing and jumping all over their natural homes. Chinchillas lived on mountains and are used to climbing rock faces and escaping predators by jumping off on mountainous areas. Active, fast moving chinchillas can be called as Skippy, Spunky or Feisty. Each Chinchilla has unique behavior different from each other. You might notice some of them are more interested of just staying in the corner, well behaved and most of the time sleeping. Others can be as playful as they can be from the start until they are grown ups. You can notice that their behaviors do not change fast in as much as they grow old. Mean chinchillas can always be mean unless they are tamed and handled with proper care. Exerting much effort to make them comfortable with owners can transform a shy and timid chinchillas into becoming more active and playful.

Some people named chinchillas after where they come from. Andy is named after Andres Mountain Range where they are originally found. In fact this is the most popular names for chinchillas ever called for. What is so exciting with naming your chinchillas is that you can actually name them after your favorite actors or actresses. Or you can call them after your favorite band or any cartoon characters that you are fond of. Name listing can be endless and the names can go on and on what is important in here is that pet owners and chinchillas can actually share moments together during fun and play.

While names can become an important aspect of your pet chinchillas based on their character and originality, always remember that chinchillas have unique traits of their own. Their unique traits are inherent unto them and no one can expect them to change behaviors quickly. They may not respond to them when you call them by their names but their main presence will bring so much happiness and satisfaction to the owners. Therefore chinchillas are one of the most well liked pets for most of the pet owners all over the world.