Are There Any Companies in the Arab Video Game Market?


Ready to get your head completely blown? The Arab video games industry is more than simply a bunch of youngsters playing Angry Birds in their mother’s basement. No, my friends, a whole new world exists, and some people are making significant changes.

Yes, you heard correctly; companies exist in the Arab video gaming business and are quickly gaining market control. These businesses are producing some of the most avant-garde and thrilling video games the world has ever seen, from Dubai to Cairo.

Gameloft, a global publisher, and developer of video games with headquarters in Dubai, is one of the leading companies in the industry. They’ve been in the business for more than ten years and have produced some of the most popular mobile games in the area, including the Asphalt series.

Vostok Games, an independent game production studio in the United Arab Emirates, is another business making waves in the sector. They are the minds of the critically praised shooter battle royale game Fear the Wolves, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting.

However, more than just large firms are creating a stir. Several smaller firms and independent developers are also making exciting and original games. Consider Game Cooks, a tiny independent game development studio with headquarters in Cairo that produced the highly regarded shooter game Horizon Shift in a retro style.

What is the key to their success, then? Well, for starters, these businesses are aware of the regional market and the kinds of games Arab gamers will find appealing. In addition, they can produce excellent games with outstanding visuals thanks to their access to the most recent resources and technology.

But the developers’ zeal and commitment are arguably the most crucial element. These are not just game developers doing it for the money; they are gifted and imaginative people who genuinely love the industry.

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